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Industry: Food and Beverages
Founded: 2004

United States

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United Kingdom
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8 month ago
I met Alex Tannous when I lived in Dubai and he took 200,000 aed from me for a so called renovation project for his interior design company named after his younger sister which I later come to realise was all lies. After working with him for some months I found documents in the office that he had a number of cases against him and had scanned people for much larger amounts than what he had taken from me. To this day I still have a signed MoU from Alex staying thatvhe woukd return my money within 90 days. Unfortunately i did not take a cheque from Alex at the time. He avoided me for many months after I found out what he was upto and shamelessly denies taking any money from me. He is most definitely a Wolf and after speaking to others that he stole from it seems there is no end to his disgusting actions. Please be aware of this disgraceful animal.

United Arab Emirates
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1 year ago
I have just seen the other review done by Abram Alonso and honestly for me it is just ridiculous what is written.
I Have met and worked with Mr. Alex Tannous FEW times in the past 5 years and this man is very smart and delivers on time everything he promises and commits to it.
It is really sad how people on the internet can just write anything about anyone just for the sake of destroying their reputation as they weren't able to make Mr. Alex pay them for their lies and fake promises.

Wish you the best Prince.. Keep it up

United States
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4 year ago
This company is nothing but a major scam. The owner is a scam. Alex Georges Tannous is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

I have a marketing firm here in the United States that has been in business for 12 years and Avaline holding left me high and dry and did not pay for a website. Not only did they change the username and password to the admin after I delivered the product to them but they also claimed that the website was worth only $300. This is America, not India. The owner poses himself off as a high-profile diplomat but is not . He asked us to create an investment website using PayPal with offices in Nigeria. Smells funny!

This man may have money but it doesn't smell legal. Investor beware and buyer beware. He talks about being a big investor with millions of dollars but I doubt he is on the level.

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