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Steelys Drinkware Steelys is an affordable wholesale supplier of custom-imprinted stainless steel bottles and cups that minimize waste & maximize your brand exposure.

Industry: Wholesale
Phone: 328 841 6395

Carolina Beach,

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United Arab Emirates
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7 month ago
Do not recommend.

I have recently placed an order with this company and they had amazing communication to begin with, however, the order was for 120 cups and only 72 were shipped, as well, we paid for the import taxes and shipping and yet UPs asked us to pay $170 for the border taxes. We didn’t collect the order since there were two mistakes made and have been trying to contact them ever since. It has now been sent back to the senders. As mentioned above, they had great communication at the start but are now not getting back to us about this and have dropped all lines of communication.

We have tried calling and emailing and have heard nothing, very disappointing.

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